The Many Benefits of Remote Working

There are more people than you would think who make a living online and add these to the huge number of employees who work from home due to the pandemic, and you have a lot of people. Whether a digital nomad or a self-employed art designer, there are some great benefits to working remotely and in your own time, at your own pace.

  • Living in a Tropical Paradise – All you need is a laptop and a high-speed Internet connection and Thailand is on a par with Europe for Broadband speeds. Run your business from a small bamboo bungalow on a beach in Southern Thailand and whenever you fancy a change, there are other amazing countries where the cost of living is low and the climate agreeable. The luxury of being able to travel and work is one that you won’t want to lose, once you become a remote worker or go freelance.
  • No Dressing Up – We all know how much of a hassle it is to get ready for work, but when you work remotely, you can video call with anyone at any time, and no one will be wearing anything other than extremely casual. Imagine sitting at a café on the Central Coast watching the sunrise and planning your day! There’s nothing to stop you doing whatever you please, as long as you meet your work needs.
  • Zero Travel Time – You work wherever you happen to be and can avoid all rush hour times, travelling when it suits you and you are no longer tied to having to attend meetings at Head Office. This will bring financial benefits and cutting out this mundane time gives you more time for things that matter.
  • Plan your Time – You manage your own time and set your own deadlines, which does require a level of commitment, but other than meeting your deadlines, time management is in your hands. Your work does need to take priority for obvious reasons, but you can create your own work schedule and everyone is happy.
  • Save Money – There are many attractive tropical destinations where you could spend your time, with Southern Europe in the summer months and South East Asia for the winter, and let’s not forget South America, where the cost of living is less than half of a developed nation. It just so happens that the best tropical destinations are all developing countries with a low cost of living, which is very attractive to the remote worker.

If you have friends who are digital nomads, ask then how they feel about this level of freedom and independence and they will heartily recommend you join them.

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