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Give the Gift of Homebrew for Special Occasions

We get tired of searching for gifts for birthdays and Christmas, everything looks the same and no product really stands out. When buying for friends or family it is hard to know what they need. We all have clothes, phones, and laptops which makes it hard to choose something they will genuinely appreciate.

If you know the person well and you know they enjoy a beer. Why not go for something different and present them with a homebrew? Okay, we are not going to lie, giving a 6 pack of your very own homebrew is not going to go down well with everyone, but beer lovers and many others will appreciate the gesture, especially when they understand how much effort is required to produce homebrew.

Once your home brew recipe kits are in order and you have produced a tasty batch of beer, it will go down well as a gift. It is a great ‘thank you’ present for any party you attend. If you decide to give some authentic homebrew made by none other than yours truly, remember these 3 tips to take it to the next level.

  1. Bottle & Growler Tags
  2. Can Labels
  3. Mini Keg Barrel

Unique Tags

Once you have bottled or used a growler to pack your homebrew and it is ready to be given over as a gift, do not forget to add a touch of personalisation by including a bottle or growler tag. This is a great way to personalise your gift and make your homebrew look more elegant and sophisticated.

Can Labels

Some of us like to put our homebrew in a can when we have finished producing it. If you want to hand this over as a gift, you can add a personalised label with the person’s name or the name of your brew on it.

Mini Keg

Another good idea is to fill a mini keg (5L or 10L) with your homebrew and give it over as a gift. You can get some beautiful white oak barrels that look great when serving homebrew.

There is no doubt that homebrew beer makes a great gift. Although it may not be suitable for some formal occasions, it is perfect for social events such as graduation parties or housewarmings. During the holidays or on special occasions, you can spend a pretty penny on gifts. Instead of opting the obvious, spring a surprise on the recipient.

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