Forget About Clubbing & Enjoy Some Other Night Venues in Bangkok

We all know that Bangkok is the city that never sleeps. There are lots of clubs to go to at night and plenty of areas where dance music can be heard into the early hours of the morning. If you are getting bored with clubbing or you simply do not enjoy it, there are other places you can visit at night. Here is some other great option if you do not like disco lights and pulsating music.

Night Market 

When searching for the best place to drink in Bangkok, you may be surprised to find that some of the cities night markets often pop up first of many peoples lists. Bangkok has some great late-night markets that are full of cool bars and interesting people. Most of the city’s youngsters hang out at the night markets as they can shop, eat, and drink for a reasonable price.

Well-known places like Ratchada Train Market have everything you could want. There are lots of stalls selling clothes and gadgets, while others offer up some of Thailand’s famous street food. The Train Market is in the centre of the city and it is alive with music, food, drinks, and colour.

Sample Some Street Food

Instead of going club and listening to a DJ, why not stay away from the clubs and enjoy food and a drink by the side of the road. There is an endless number of stalls selling street food and drinks in almost every corner of Bangkok. Sitting by the side of the road in Sukhumvit is an experience in itself as you can enjoy a beer and people watch as everyone passes by.

Rooftop Bars

So, you want to chill out, have a beer, and talk to friends. What better way to do that than sitting on a rooftop bar and looking at Bangkok from a different perspective? If you are visiting Bangkok, chilling out in a rooftop bar is something you must do at least once while staying in the city. There are plenty of great rooftop bars to choose from and they cater to all clientele.

If you enjoy a drink or a late-night meal, there are plenty of options other than clubbing in Bangkok. Most of the streets, bars, and markets are alive no matter where you go. There are plenty of things to do in the city that do not involve loud music, flashing lights, and dancing.

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